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Robotic lawnmowers Gardena : Automower

Innovative robot GARDENA gotta cut mower for your lawn. He will do this automatically while you are doing other things or enjoy your free time. It is efficient, reliable and leaves on the lawn belts. The result of his work is manicured lawn. If necessary, automatically returns to the charging station to recharge the batteries. Easy to install boundary wire determines the mowing area. The mower cuts the grass blades constantly using the razor-sharp knives. The cut ends remain on the lawn and are a natural fertilizer (mulch). Robot is able to overcome ascent. Programming is very easy and does not require much time. Large panel display settings and allow you to set the time mowing - time of day or day of the week. The individual programming steps are understandable and intuitive programming. Once completed, the automatically takes a job according to a preset schedule. The device can work well in the rain. Powerful and easy-to-use lithium-ion batteries provide a safe and energy-efficient operation of the mower. The unit operates outside this very quiet and produces no emissions. It bypasses obstacles thanks to the extremely sensitivity sensor and a boundary wire. Lifting and tilt sensors and a large gap between the casing and the blades additionally ensure safe operation of the equipment for both humans and animals. For example. If you raise the mower blades automatically stop immediately, which prevents Injuries to. Large and visible "Stop" button allows you to immediately stop the mower. The device is suitable for every type of garden.

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