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Irrigation :

Gardena Sprinklersystem :

Nothing easier. Just set up a system of underground irrigation Sprinklersystem (which can also be combined with automatic "smart home"). The system is completely hidden underground and visible only when the programmed controller will start solenoid valves, sprinklers GARDENA Sprinklersystem emerge to watering. Precious water is delivered precisely where it is needed. After finishing the irrigation sprinklers hide back in the ground. And also thanks to the control watering the garden can be watered through the night - or when you are on vacation. Installation of the humidity sensor and rain sensor can automatically determine the demand garden in water.

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Gardena Micro-Drip-System :

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System is a water-conserving method to deliver a targeted amount of water via drip heads directly to the plant. The soil is watered gently and evenly preventing too much precious water from evaporating, seeping or flowing away. This water-efficient type of irrigation system supplies the roots of each plant with exactly the right amount of water. The Micro-Drip system can be easily used for watering flower and vegetable beds, greenhouses, hanging baskets and pot plants, as well as longer rows of hedges or shrubs. The wide range of GARDENA Micro-Drip-System components makes it easy to create the ideal irrigation system for your individual garden situation. This way the watering is perfectly adapted to the individual needs of your plants: From continuous drops to a slight drizzle, to a gentle mist spray – this advanced irrigation system will help you to conserve water. Another plus: With the innovative “Quick & Easy” connection technology existing pipes can be easily opened and newly connected together.

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Gardena Pipeline - water in the garden :

Water pipelines below ground for easy access to water in all areas of your garden. Do you need water at different places around your house and garden? Have you had enough of winding and unwinding long garden hoses? Then the GARDENA Pipeline, permanently installed below ground, is the perfect solution for you. Simply attach your hose to one of the built-in GARDENA Water Connectors in your garden and you have water whenever and wherever you need it.

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